01. Many people living in the [rural] parts of the country own guns, which they generally use for hunting.
02. The [rural] way of life has changed a great deal with the introduction of new computerized farm machinery.
03. Many people think of crowded Tokyo subways when they think of Japan, forgetting how much of the country is still [rural] and traditional.
04. Large animals are a common sight on many [rural] roads in this country.
05. More children work in the [rural] areas of India than in any other country.
06. Despite its rapid industrialization after World War Two, Slovakia remains one of Europe's most [rural] nations.
07. When riding a bicycle on a [rural] road, cyclists should ride with the flow of traffic.
08. People who move to [rural] communities are often attracted by the lower crime rates, and reduced pollution of the countryside.
09. Children are more expensive and less economically useful to parents in an urban society than in a [rural] one.
10. People living in the [rural] areas of the country are far more likely to own a gun than those in the big cities.
11. It took my grandparents a long time to get used to living in the big city after having spent most of their lives in a [rural] setting.
12. His paintings of [rural] scenes are quite lovely.
13. In 1891, Florence Nightingale observed that the first possibility of [rural] cleanliness lies in water supply.
14. It is often suggested that life in the city is more violent than life in the countryside, but apparently there is about the same amount of violence in [rural] areas as in the urban environment.
15. There are more insects in one square mile of [rural] land than there are human beings on the entire Earth.
16. The traditional culture of my country is still strong in the [rural] areas, but is disappearing in the cities.
17. Support for gun control is much lower in [rural] parts of the country.
18. It is estimated that there are from 80 to 120 million surplus [rural] workers in the villages and the cities of China.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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